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The most consistent thing about social media is that it is constantly changing, evolving, and adapting. The Social Media Association of West Virginia - SMAWV- is a member based organization that stays informed so you can stay social. SMAWV provides ongoing social media training to individuals, businesses, nonprofits, elected officials, and government leaders. 


Whether you wish to increase sales, share your non-profit mission, promote your message, or communicate with constituents, SMAWV will help you stay up-to-date on the latest social media news and provide ongoing training on how social media can help you achieve your specific goals. 

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Membership & Benefits

Did you know that two million businesses use Facebook for advertising?


Thank you for your interest in joining the only statewide organization dedicated to helping our members grow their business, share their mission, or provide customer service through social media and digital marketing . 

Who should join the Social Media Association of West Virginia? 

  • Associations to assist their members with their growing social media needs. 

  • Businesses who seek to leverage social media to increase their brand visibility and increase sales.

  • Nonprofits to create greater awareness of their mission and fundraising opportunities.

  • Elected officials to manage online constituent communications and messaging.

  • Candidates looking to engage with voters and manage information.

What will you receive as a member of the Social Media Association of West Virginia?

  • Training sessions for members on multiple related topics 

  • Access to our social media resource and information library 

  • Annual conference and networking events

  • Access to skills speakers for conferences 

  • Access to promotional opportunities through WV Live!

Information and training for Facebook | Instagram | Twitter and other social media platforms includes:

  • Audience Building, Community Management and Engagement

  • Social Media Content Strategy Development​

  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Integration

  • Lead Generation and Conversion Tracking

  • Advertising and Sales

  • Contests and Giveaways

  • Legal Disclosures


The Social Media Association of West Virginia is a resource for West Virginia businesses, nonprofits, and professionals who currently work with or seek to utilize social media to promote their brand, share their mission, or communicate their message. Social media changes daily so we stay informed, provide ongoing training sessions, materials, and best practices. 

To promote social media and digital marketing as an essential part of communication and marketing through state-wide education, adoption of social platforms and dissemination of successful social media solutions in public and private sectors.

The purpose of the Social Media Association of West Virginia is to:


  1. Provide state-wide educational opportunities for West Virginia-based organizations in the public and private sectors, professionals and students through events, activities, and distribution of trusted information.

  2. Encourage state-wide social media adoption through assessments that identify and subsequently address the need for social media and digital marketing education.

  3. Provide opportunities for professional development to all career levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of social media and digital marketing education.

  4. Provide resources to our members, which include social media strategy, infographics, images, newsletter, blog updates, and member-based benefits.​

Who we are:

We're a community of dedicated professionals from all levels of social media experience. Our areas of expertise include social media strategy, engagement marketing, social media best practices, and community management, as well as marketing, branding, design, technology, communications, and PR. We present and speak at trade associations, companies, non-profits, and educational venues.

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